The Sydney Morning Herald 1843.


Early mention of aviation or ‘steam ship mania’.


Sydney: Thursday, November 16, 1843. No. 2029. One broadsheet folded into four pages.

Very Good. The centre fold is worn and chipped, outer edges show occasional crease, a 1.5cm tear in the second column of page 1 (no loss), some grey smudging on p.2.

On p. 4 under ‘English Extracts’ is reprinted a satirical piece from Punch. Titled, ‘Aerial Steam-ship Mania’ it is an extremely early mention of aviation in an Australian newspaper. It wasn’t until the 1880s that Australia’s Lawrence Hargrave began experimenting with powered flight, successfully lifting himself off the ground under a train of four box-kites in 1894, 51 years after the Punch piece appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.


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