Maps of the Heavens


George Sergeant Snyder.


London: Andre Deutsch, 1984. First Edition. Large format folio, 39 x 30.8 cm, 75 plates with 50 in colour, hard cover, 144 pages, blind incised image of astronomer and heavens on front board covered in dark blue cloth, gilt title on spine. Introduction; Ptolemaic Chart; Heaven and Earth; The Sun, the Stars and the Moon; The Constellations; The Celestial Spheres; Designing the Heavens; New Horizons; List of Plates; Further Reading; Acknowledgments. Related press clippings are inserted within white sheets at the rear. Weight: 1.78 kg.

Near Fine but lacks dust wrapper. Discreet water stain on upper right hand front board cover not affecting internal pages otherwise without blemishes.

In Maps of the Heavens, George Snyder chronicles the history of celestial mapmaking. The book’s accompanying Plates, depicting maps, charts, drawings and globes, date from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Their range is indicated as follows: The Creation, France, c.1250; Gaius Hyginus, Italy, 1450; Giovanni Cinico, 1469; J. Tolhopy, Germany, 15th century; List of star positions, England, 1490; Universal Schema, Nuremberg, 1493; Dürer, Northern celestial hemisphere, 1541; Peter Apian, 1540; Johannes Honter, Northern celestial hemisphere, 1541; India, 17th century; Map of the Moon’s surface, Hevelius, 1647; and a Ptolemaic view of the Universe, Amsterdam, 1660. Among the volume’s many other maps illustrated are those by Hood 1590; Blagrave 1596; Kepler 1627; Galilei 1632; Blaeu 1648; Schickard 1655; Huygens 1659; Cellarius 1660; Schiller 1660; Moxon 1674; Royer 1679; Seutter 1745; Barlow c.1790; Cary 1800; and a Sanskrit star map of 1840.