1896 Abstract of the Title of William Fitzgerald to land at Waverley in County of Cumberland and Parish of Alexandria.



Sydney: Office of Thomas Marshall, Solicitor. Ten handwritten leaves (last leaf blank) detailing the title of estate passing from Michael Fitzgerald to his siblings upon his death and then to his son William on gaining his maturity. The leaves are lightly ruled with a wide 8cm margin and the watermark reads “Monksburn” above the image of a book with the words “Air Dried” below.

Near Fine. A little chipped and edgeworn on the outer leaves. Occasional marks and creases but overall very clean and legible. The pages are affixed with a paper binder (washer lacking). There is a 4.5cm tear in the margin of p.2 (no loss).

The Abstract of Title chronicles the granting of a parcel of land in inner-Sydney (Bondi -Vaulcluse area) to Michael Fitzgerald and his descendents for an annual rent of one peppercorn (1847). On December 7, 1858, Fitzgerald named his two brothers, Edward and William, and his sister Julia as executors of his will, and his son William as heir. He died one week later on December 15, 1858 and the property’s management passed into the hands of his siblings in January 1860, and eventually into the hands of young William in August 1881. Between 1888 and 1891 William Fitzgerald mortgaged the property to the value of 550 pounds, paying it all back at once in August 1891. The borrowing of money against the property and the single repayment made only a month after the last loan leads me to speculate that William Fitzgerald’s ship really did come in.


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