November News and Christmas Catalogue

We’ve been working hard since the mid-year madness that saw Melbourne Rare Book Fair and our first ever sale in thirty-one years taking place hard on each other’s heels. Since then it’s been business as usual: buying books, pricing books, shelving books.

Some of our newer acquisitions have made it into the Christmas Catalogue, but some were acquired after the catalogue was sent to the printer. One of these is a first Australian edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone in fine condition. Another is a near fine copy of The Sentry and the Shell Fairy with illustrations by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. 19b.

The Christmas Catalogue is the usual eclectic mix of books we’ve enjoyed handling and features a slightly steamy centre section, thanks to a collection of homo-erotica acquired earlier in the year. My favourite of that material is probably Vellekoop’s cheeky primer (item no. 27). I also really enjoyed researching the Battler’s for Kelly’s Bush which is signed by a number of the women who helped create the world’s first Green Ban (no.15). It also has a loosely inserted note between friends describing a poingnant reunion. And for the royalists among you there is a stunning little Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee souvenir (no.19).

We like to think it has something for everyone, but if you don’t see it in the catalogue, we may still have it on the shelf. We look forward to seeing you in the lead-up to Christmas and helping you find the best books for yourself or another. And remember, gift vouchers are a great idea for book lovers – they get the joy of browsing AND the joy of acquiring. We can do vouchers for any amount. Just ask one of our shelf-elves the next time you visit.