Archives Fine Musings #5

Hamish, Dawn, and the shelf  elves at Archives Fine Books would like to wish you a Magnificent Christmas Season and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year.  Thank you for supporting us in 2013, and we hope you continue to find special gifts, for yourself and your loved ones, here in the future. Please Note Our […]


Archives Fine Musings #4

News of the moment is that the space under our back room is being developed by Street Food Australia and Pearler and early 2014 will see the opening of the John Mills Himself cafe and bar. Initially this will be accessed via the alleyway next to the new ATO building in Elizabeth Street, but over […]


Archives Fine Musings #3

Hello Archives Fine People! Even regulars may have barely noticed as it has been a slow process, but I have been, book by book and shelf by shelf, lovingly reorganising the shop. The good news for you, as many have noticed, is much lower prices on most of the books. This is an ongoing process […]

Art books

Archives Fine Musings #2

Hello Archives Fine People, we hope you are enjoying the season. Here in Brisbane the month of August is still considered winter, but there is a gentle hint of spring in the air. Hence my urge to ‘spring clean’ the Australian Art section at the front of the shop. It’s been a little while since […]

Hamish and Dawn at Archives Fine Books

Archives Fine Musings #1

Hello Archives Fine People, and welcome to our first post. We thought we’d start by introducing ourselves. Hamish, who I like to call the barefoot bookseller, is a philosopher, a theologian, and, by his own admission, quite possibly mad. I’m his wife, Dawn, and divide my time between this glorious endeavour (preserving and recycling pre-loved […]