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This year for International Women’s Day we are highlighting Australian Women of Note in Art, Illustration, Circus and Activism:

ART – A breaker of traditional barriers Margaret Preston was one of Australia’s most innovative early modernists,  splitting contemporaries into a number of camps and driven by a quest to find  essential truths in which to ground a national art. Today she continues to provoke a multiplicity of opinions, and I fall in with those […]


One of these things is not like the others…

We begin 2017 with our eleventh shortlist. Although we haven’t explicitly titled this one it brings together a handful of Australiana books and ephemera, including legal documents, early newspapers and works on Aboriginals and Australian Town Planning. Item no.8, however, is something else altogether – a nineteenth century teleorama or tunnel-book, most likely created to […]


November News and Christmas Catalogue

We’ve been working hard since the mid-year madness that saw Melbourne Rare Book Fair and our first ever sale in thirty-one years taking place hard on each other’s heels. Since then it’s been business as usual: buying books, pricing books, shelving books. Some of our newer acquisitions have made it into the Christmas Catalogue, but […]


Tactile Treasure

Shortlist No. 10 Herewith a handful more items from the Christopher Smith collection. Half of the 35 listed items are fun, ephemeral paper construction, paper dolls and pop-up, but there are some lovely illustrated works (Errol Le Cain’s Cupid and Psyche is a highlight), as well as art, fashion and costume design. Japanese designer Emi […]


Shortlist No.9

We are pleased to present for your browsing pleasure our Shortlist No.9. Themed ‘Alice’, this shortlist is comprised of some of the Alice in Wonderland material we recently acquired as part of Christopher Smith’s collection. For those who don’t know the name, Christopher Smith (1953 – 2016) was a NIDA trained theatre designer who worked […]


Melbourne RARE BOOK FAIR 2016

This year marked the 44th ANZAAB Rare Book Fair and the 1st for Archives Fine Books. We sold some books, we bought some books, we made some rookie mistakes, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Engaging with the incredibly diverse book-and-printed-works-on-paper collecting community that gathers for this annual event was invigorating, educational and fun. My only […]


Melbourne Rare Book Fair

We are pleased to announce we will be attending the Melbourne Rare Book Fair this weekend. It’s our first appearance at this highlight of the Australian Antiquarian Bookseller Calendar, which takes place at the close of Melbourne Rare Book Week. Here is the link to the pdf catalogue of items we will be taking to […]

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Letter To Our Customers

Dear Archives Fine People, It is almost one year since I had the great good fortune to win one of two ANZAAB scholarships to the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS), which is held each year in Colorado Springs. The year leading up to that trip, and the eleven months since, have been a period of […]